Mr. Sisk is the best teacher in fifth grade, and throughout the school! The chances were low on getting him, and i'm happy that I actually got him. I fell bad for my brother because he got Ms. Craig. I've always thought that Ms. Craig was gonna be bad but he kind of likes her so I feel ok for him. When I got home I told my brother all about my day and all the things we did, but it sounded to me that he had a bad day. We were ecited to talk about our day with our parents by the end of the day but they were all to busy with work and it was getting late. We started the TV and imediatly went to netflix to watch Star Trek. Tomorrow in the morning when i was getting ready for school I couldn't wait until I went to school and later in the day we watched avatar then a few weeks later me and Rowan made a joke where "I wonder if the episodes that we're going to watch are going to be interesting" I thought.

Once we had finished the episodes i knew that the rest of the season would be good.

In the morning I couldn't wait for school and also stop thinkig about the episodes we had watched last night and then I saw my dad with a deck of cards at the table and I thought "hmm... I wonder if i want to learn how to play cards?"


Around 2 months later I was still hooked with cards and I really wanted to learn more card games.

Omg, this site called Neocities is like so boss.

I love this website so much!!!

I'm so tired today beacause i stayed up til like, ummmmm, what was it. Oh yeah right it was 10:44 because I stayed up reading Diary of a wimpy kid Wrecking Ball and I also read Guts

omg omg omg😃

italic, cool